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> Months. The Advantages Of Wood Wax

post 17.07.2017, 15:00
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<p>are still many owners friends never heard of it, then what is the wood wax? What effect? We need not worry Xiaobian this will take you to see. What is the wood wax wood wax oil wax coating domestic commonly known, is a kind of paint and are different from the natural wood coating paint, paint it and the kind of Petrochemical synthetic resin based on the production of raw materials is completely different, mainly in the refined linseed oil, carnauba wax and </p>
<p>other natural plant oil and wax and with other plants some natural elements, even the color of the pigment has reached the level of food. Therefore, it does not contain three benzene, formaldehyde and heavy metals and other toxic ingredients, there is no pungent odor, can be used instead of paint for home decoration and outdoor garden furniture. Main effect: because wood wax oil can penetrate into the interior of wood on wood, deep nourishment; wax can be </p>
<p>tightly combined with the wood fiber, enhance the surface hardness, water pollution, so the wood, gold this combination can provide the best protection and beautification. Wood wax 1, wood wax finish defect surface is open, no paint like fullness and filling effect, the handle is also not plump, surface hardness, wear resistance also depends largely on the properties of wood, for people who love maybe is weakness. 2, wood wax cannot well hide the ugly, wood </p>
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